Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stupid little turd

Seronok nak ada kawan yg mcm dua ketol ni memg best to kadang2 bila yg sorang ni start to talk and embarresed others front of public mcm pelik jugak. He seek for my attention or other's attention sbnanya? Dia akan speak loud when there is 3rd party yg mendengar, but if ther's only the two of us he dnt even rise his voice. This part is for another stupid little turd. He is the subject for most of us to sembur2 sbb dia had been announced as the most annoying housemate and even among friends for present la. Dia akan menyambung apa yg the first man not satisfied with. All he used to do is agree with others or pekakkan telinga sbb we do love to make fool on him. He tried to annoyed him self.pelik aih. Basically both of this two are ny good friend but no one can run from making mistakes. Today they juz did a small mistakes upon small freaking matter..
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